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The Thailand Property Buyers guide to buying or selling in Pataya. Whether a villa for holidays, an investment property or relocation to Thailand we can help. Our personal experience of sales and building property in Thailand has helped numerous families and individuals realize their dreams, many going on to purchase their second or third investment property.

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Purchasing any home is a big decision, let alone buying property in a far away country. fully understands this. Unlike many other companies we provide a “hand holding” service from inspection trip the sale, to receiving your keys, with full support and guidance throughout the whole process. has spent much time with due diligence and making sure that each property and developer we sell has been checked and critiqued and is a safe property to buy.

Although we do have contacts all over Thailand, we specialize in the area of Pattaya as this is where we are based. Find out more about Pattaya by clicking here. The majority of our staff are based in Pattaya and are either expatriates or Thais, with over 10 years Pattaya, koh samui property and Koh Phangan experience. Our aim is to develop a reputation for honesty and integrity, whilst maintaining the highest standard of professional ethics in all our client services and sales. Along with the development we have in thailand we also offer plenty of other investment properties through out overseas investment property which has property to the same slandered in the uk and caribbean. Many of the discount property offered will be no money down deals with some times cash back. Our finance team will assist you in buying your overseas or uk. Please do not hesitate to contact us for property in southend on sea estate agents.

Our Thai Villas and Apartments

Please browse through our properties section for latest selection of properties for sale. Or contact us with any questions you may have.

Why Invest In Thailand Property?

Thailand,with its thriving tourism industry, is considered a good prospect for development. Its many islands and beaches make it popular with sun seekers, and the mountainous scenery and the varied culture of the north make it an interesting holiday destination. Buying a holiday home in Thailand is an option worth considering for those who are not planning emigration but wish to buy to let. Others may be considering relocating . Bangkok is becoming increasingly westernized with many global companies having a Bangkok office. There is a high demand for English teachers in Thailand with many other jobs for foreigners ( farang ). The exchange rate is working in the UK ‘s favor as well with the strong pound, which is good for travelers and is key to investors wishing to invest. There are restrictions for foreigners wishing to own land, property or businesses in Thailand. It is best to take legal advice when buying real estate in Thailand . Foreigners are usually allowed to own a part share of a company with a Thai co-owner and companies can purchase land or property. To live or work in Thailand there are visa requirements and work permits to sort out. Having a Thai spouse helps. Currently an alien who is not purchasing property though a company can own a unit in a condominium or a building (but not the land it is on). They can buy leaseholds up to 30 years for land and buildings. Click here for more info buying property in Thailand. has also now teamed up with and are now able to offer you luxury sipp property. All properties are available with 100% finance and a 10% rental guarantee. Please visit the caribbean web site for more details or for holidays in the caribbean go here.

Do you own a property in the Uk that you would like to sell quickly. Please contact selling a house quickly for a cash offer within an hour. Completion within 2 weeks. Check out their site here.

Have you taken out term life insurance quote recently? If you are the owner of a property with a mortgage then you should really look at the implications of not haveing any term life insurance for mortgage protection. Term life insurance is an insurance that will pay our on death or on diognosis of a critical illness. Speak to a qualified advisor at for a quote.

Do you own a business which relies on key people or a key man bringing in a substantial amount of money to the business. Have you insurance for other key parts of the business? Then why have you not insured the key man or key person within the company. Get covered to insure against the financial repercussions of losing a key person within the company through death or critical illness. For more info on our key man insurance go here.